Core Values

Our Mission

To bring people together and strengthen our community through food.

Our Core Values

RESPECT – We honor the craft of the culinary arts and the hospitality business, and the important role that the act of dining has in bringing people together.  Therefore, we act with respect towards our customers, colleagues and other service providers.

INTEGRITY – We exercise integrity in the quality of food that we create and serve, in the ingredients we source, and in honoring the history and background of each dish.

GENUINE HOSPITALITY – Our purpose is to provide a positive and memorable experience for our customers through thoughtful, proactive and gracious exchanges.  We view customer needs and requests as opportunities to provide exceptional service and we are eager to take extra measures to ensure guest satisfaction.

RESPONSIBILITY – We see ourselves and this establishment as a part of a larger community and make decisions that will make a positive impact for our team members, customers, neighborhood and industry.

INSPIRE – We strive to encourage those around us to grow professionally and spiritually by promoting a positive outlook and sense of challenge and empowerment.

ETHICAL – We value all people equally despite any difference and share God’s love by connecting with and helping those in need. We aim to fight injustice and join efforts to make a positive and impactful change.

COLLABORATION – We strive to nurture partnerships and help to grow a stronger community by working together with other organizations and businesses towards a common and positive goal.

GIVING – We give our time, services and products to help feed and care for those who are in need.

ECONOMIC SUSTAINABILITY – We strive to maintain economic sustainability for the business as well as our staff and make decisions in the best interest of the overall entity so we may continue to provide our services to the community.