Eugenie Woo, Owner

Growing up in Demarest NJ, owner Eugenie has always had a driving passion for food.  During her rebellious teen years, her parents often threatened sending her to culinary school, exasperated by her lack of focus on anything other than food.  That threat turned into a happy reality when she enrolled in the Culinary Institute of America where she earned a BPS degree in Culinary Management.  After gaining kitchen experience working in restaurants in Ithaca and here in New York at Nobu Next Door, Eugenie moved her focus into front of house operations and management in the luxury service environment at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel, Columbus Circle.  From there she became Catering Director of City University of New York’s Graduate Center with Restaurant Associates and then moved on to a corporate position with them as Project Manager for new unit openings in the New York, Boston and Washington DC areas.  In this role, Eugenie helped oversee and manage the openings of over 50 food service operations including the World Bank, the US Senate, Longwood Gardens, and At 65 (Lincoln Center).

Chris Scott, Chef

Born in Coatesville PA, Chef Chris began his culinary career in Philadelphia when the city was in the midst of a culinary revolution.  Philly was shaking off its old school style and moving into a world of new ingredients, new cooking techniques, innovative ideas and bolder, cleaner flavors.  He worked alongside notable chefs such as Marcus Sammuelsson, Franklin Becker, Kevin Sbraga (Top Chef season 7 winner), Mike Isabella (Top chef season 6), Al Paris (Heirloom Restaurant), and Jim Burke (Caffe Storico NYC).

After spending 15 years in Philly honing his skills and running two major restaurants with the Starr Restaurant Group, Chef Chris moved to New York City where he earned the position of Executive Chef for CNN and Time Warner.  While overseeing the dining experiences for the entire media conglomerate, he also created exclusive events with L’Oreal, NBA, NFL, HBO, Chris Rock, and the city government of New York. In addition, he has cooked for actors, professional athletes and elite dignitaries such as Tony Blair and Nelson Mandela.

Brooklyn Commune

Finally in November of 2010, Chris and Eugenie took the next step in their culinary journey with the opening of Brooklyn Commune.  In this personal environment, they can now fully express their love of food and community by not only providing wonderful dining experiences, but also making real connections with people.  By teaching a child to cook a healthy meal or through outreach work feeding the homeless or helping victims of Hurricane Harvey & Maria, they strive to help make this world healthier and happier place.  They invite you to come and taste the flavors of their story, feel the love, and become a part of their growing community.