About Us


Our mission at Brooklyn Commune is to bring people together around food. By providing a welcoming environment with simple yet delicious food, we encourage the development of relationships within our community.

Our commitment to promoting sustainability is practiced through sponsoring educational opportunities about healthy choices, and through partnerships with local producers, artists and organizations. We compost our organic materials with a local community farm and our electricity is powered by pollution-free, renewable energy provided by Green Mountain Energy.

Founders Eugenie Woo and Christopher Scott understand the value of food as not just a basic necessity to nourish the body, but the spirit as well. After a combined 35 years of experience in fine dining restaurants, luxury hotels, and corporate dining environments, Eugenie and Chris now focus on building more personal relationships through feeding others and supporting community involvement activities.

In an increasingly time-pressured and processed world, taking the time to share a wholesome meal with others is one of the most basic ways that we can express love for one another.